When Will Google Kill Stadia?

I thought it would be a fun experiment to build a simple app to run a dead pool for Google Stadia. Previously I was using a Google Sheet to record user bets, but I had a little time before I started my new position at Postlight and felt I could pump out a simple app to make this experience a little easier.

When will Google kill Stadia?
When will Google kill Stadia? You can vote on the day you think the cloud gaming service, Stadia, will die!

There was one specific user consideration: I wanted to ensure that users didn't leave the app with access to their sign in account in perpetuity. After users select their chosen date for the dead pool, they are prompted with instructions to revoke access to the app in their chosen Single Sign On. I've gotten some great feedback about this workflow.

One user reached out to thank me for those instructions because it gave them an opportunity to review and revoke the other various apps that had access to their account. Even apps that had access which they had not used for years. I wonder if these one-and-done user flows should encourage app revoking more frequently?

As with Killed by Google, I picked simple branding, mostly black and white icons, and I'm particularly proud of the social/sharing card which represents the question fairly well on its own (i.e. game controller icon, skull, question mark).

This was a fun project to put together. Build using NextJS, Prisma, NextAuthJS, and PostgreSQL. I opted for Twitter and Reddit as oAuth/sign in providers. I gained a deeper understanding of NextJS, NextAuthJS, and Prisma along the way.