On Hacktoberfest 2018

Last month, I participated in Hacktoberfest where I made contributions to open source software projects as both a developer and a maintainer. It was a fantastic experience, and I learned so much while contributing in both roles. My project, Killed by Google, had over 80 new contributors from around the world publish over 100 new products into the graveyard.

When we hit 100 products in the Google Graveyard, we launched the dark, spooky Halloween theme.

Soon after, Github went down. 😐

Some amazing contributors poured serious time into implementing jest and actually writing tests which helped me learn how to write code tests for React web applications.

The best part was watching some people make their very first pull requests into an open source project, and guiding them on using Github to make it happen.

Open source is a powerful idea--probably the most powerful idea of our generation. Let's commit to making our open source projects approachable so that we build and grow amazing, accessible, performant things for the Web.

Thanks to Digital Ocean, Twilio, and Github for making Hacktoberfest happen.

See you next year!