On Becoming a bit of an Internet Historian

Last weekend I created Killed by Google as a statement of criticism toward Google's culture of churn and burn toward products that users rely on each day. It was ignited by the recent announcement that Inbox by Gmail would reach end of life in March 2019. In protest, I launched a simple way to browse the Google Graveyard.

I guess I have become a bit of curator of the dead and dying--products, that is. I've tracked down articles from 2003 and searched through the Wayback Machine for information about long-dead products like Hello by Picasa. It's pretty surprising that Google once launched and killed a product almost identical services like Uber and Lyft.

Killed by Google is built using open source tools like React, webpack, and Babel. The Tombstone icon is by Scarlett McKay. The Guillotine is a modified version of an icon by Juan Pablo Bravo. Continuous integration provided by Travis CI, and the project's continuous delivery and hosting is powered by Netlify

I'd like to thank the Wikimedia Foundation and Internet Archive for their wonderful resources, including the ability to track down broken links, home page graphics, and screenshots of services from the past. They have been invaluable tools in gathering information and content for Killed by Google. If you are able, I encourage you to make a donation to these organizations for the wonderful work they do in sharing knowledge and preserving history.

You can keep up with product and service death announcements on Twitter (@killedbygoogle), and always feel free to visit the Google Graveyard.