I'm Cody Ogden.

I make things for the web.

Recent Projects


A no-frills, atomic, extendable button library.

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With Love

Micro user interface with a whole lot of heart.

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Code crafts art.

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World Without Genocide

A WordPress theme for a deserving non-profit.

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About Me

I have been developing software since I was ten years old. My first JavaScript program helped me cheat on fifth grade math homework. Honestly, fifth grade math is tough. I have spent over fifteen years learning to solve problems with technology, and I enjoy the work that allows me to have an impact at the intersection of technology and life.

My work projects are primarily focused on front end development using content management systems, but my side projects are focused on Node.js API development, JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React, and small, atomic CSS that can be reused in future user interface development.

As a former sign language interpreter, I am a advocate for accessibility and the involvement of people with disabilities in building technology. I am always aspiring to learn more about accessibility in software development, and would enjoy connecting with professionals regarding their experience creating usable and accessible technologies.


  • Brandography

    As a full stack software engineer at Brandography, my work primarily consists of front end and user interface development. Our projects ranged from content management sites, like WordPress, to standalone progressive web applications built with JavaScript/Typescript using frameworks like Angular.

  • Prime Digital Academy

    As a software engineering student at Prime, I had the opportunity to learn and work on a few AngularJS, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB progressive web applications. One of the projects is interpreting.agency, a software program I built to create collaboration in the scheduling process for language services companies.

  • heycodyo.com

    Provided remote support services for small business owners. On-call support to resolve a variety of technical or software issues (especially involving Quickbooks) in a timely manner including a variety of development tasks and small software fixes and solutions.

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My biggest passion outside of development is volunteerism, both digital and in-person. I have provided consulting services, development services, and countless hours of in-person volunteer work to many organizations over the years.

  • Prime Digital Academy

    After finishing my time at Prime, I continue to stay involved as both a software engineering tutor and mentor to current cohorts.

  • Overnight Website Challenge

    I participated in a 24-hour hackathon to build a website for a deserving non-profit.

  • Indiana School for the Deaf

    I was an active volunteer for the Indiana School for the Deaf from 2010 through 2014 before moving out of the state. I started by working conessions and eventually began recruiting, scheduling, and managing other volunteers for sporting events that served 1000+ people.